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Epilation and Pulsed Light with

Trios Pulsed Light

With Trios Pulsed Light you have a machine based on the innovative selective photothermolysis process for photoepilation and skin photorejuvenation. The Trios Pulsed Light system uses a single flash which, once emitted, is absorbed by the chromophores of the treated area.

Suitable for

Stimulation of chromophores for photoepilation and skin photorejuvenation treatments.

Why choose

Trios Pulsed Light

The advantage of a targeted and personalized treatment

The Trios Pulsed Light system has a digital interface where you can enter data and set specific parameters to obtain a personalized treatment, based on the needs of each type of skin.

Face - body treatments

Photoepilation and skin photorejuvenation courses, vascular lesions treatment and pigment lesions treatment, anti acne treatment and localized wrinkle treatment.

Precision and Efficiency with

Trios Pulsed Light

An equipment equipped with a digital interface for personalized treatments and ergonomic handpieces designed for the stimulation of chromophores.

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