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Streamline and Shape with

T-Body Laser 82

The dual action of laser technology for your body shaping treatments.

With T-BODY LASER 82 you have the power of 82 730nm diodes for slimming treatments and non-invasive modeling treatments, able to activate the hydrolysis process of fats and eliminate adipose accumulations.

Suitable for

Body metabolism acceleration and localized fat reduction

Cellulite reduction and skin firming

Why choose

T-Body Laser 82

The advantage of the dual action of the laser

Paths for skin firming with remodeling treatments of localized adiposity.

Body treatments

Slimming treatments for body metabolism acceleration with reduction of adipose accumulations and localized fat.

Potenza e Precisione con

T-Body Laser 82

A machine complete with 10 plates, 2 small with 1 diode of 5MW and 8 large with 10 diodes of 5MW and 30 MW that can be used simultaneously to streamline and shape the body.

T-Body Laser 82 dettaglio macchinario- La Beautè
T-Body Laser 82- La Beautè


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