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To oxygenate and model with

US Vacuum

With US VACUUM you have the opportunity to combine the draining action of VACUUM therapy and the non-invasive power of a continuous ultrasound and a modulated ultrasound.

Thanks to US VACUUM it is possible to activate the skin microcirculation to treat localized adiposity and fibrous cellulite, ensuring an increase in collagen and elastin for firming muscle tone and smooth skin.

Suitable for

Fat reduction and circumference reduction with slimming of the silhouette.

Increase in collagen production for tissue oxygenation.

Activation of the skin microcirculation for orange peel treatment and body remodeling.

Why choose

US Vacuum

The advantage of a draining therapy combined with the power of ultrasound

The US VACUUM is a complete machine with which you can reshape the body in a non-invasive and painless way. With US VACUUM technology, in fact, the adipose tissue is emptied thanks to the action of ultrasound and then drained for the processing of the connective tissue.

Facial treatments

Paths to activate the skin microcirculation and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin for the treatment of localized fat deposits on the face and smooth skin.

Body treatments

Paths for lymphatic drainage and muscle cool-down with treatment of soft cellulite and fibrous cellulite.

Professionalism and efficiency with

US Vacuum

A machine equipped with 10 programs, regulation solenoid valve and handpieces for modulated ultrasound and continuous ultrasound.

Macchinario estetico US Vacuum- La Beautè


Ideal for the treatment of cellulite thanks to its high foresis capacity.

Dettaglio del Macchinario estetico US Vacuum - La Beautè


It acts on the nebulization of liquids for the treatment of localized adiposity.


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