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Regeneration of collagen, skin hydration and skin toning.

With Infusion you can perform non-invasive and painless treatments to revitalize the skin, reduce cellulite and improve stretch marks. The Infusion system improves the absorption capacity of the cell thanks to the opening of the electropores, conveying serums that make the skin elastic and toned.

Suitable for

Activation of the skin microcirculation to improve stretch marks and revitalize the skin.

Collagen regeneration for tissue oxygenation and skin toning.

Why choose


The advantage of regenerating, hydrating and toning.

The Infusion has a painless and non-invasive system capable of acting on different skin conditions and carrying out a wide range of treatments for skin firming, cellulite reduction and stretch mark improvement.

Face - body treatments

Paths for skin toning, collagen regeneration, stretch mark improvement and cellulite reduction.

Professionalism and efficiency with


A machine able to offer the perfect solution for treatments that act for the regeneration of collagen and revitalization of the skin.

Accessori Macchinario estetico Infusion - La Beautè


Present in the Small size, the V-ND: YAG handpiece acts on the face to regenerate and moisturize.

Accessori per trattamenti estetici con Infusion - La Beautè


Present in the Big format, the V-ND: YAG handpiece acts on the body to hydrate and tone.


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