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Drain and purify with

Softpress Plus

Control, pressure and stimulation to purify the body. With Softpress Plus you have one of the most advanced control systems for pressure drainage and lymphatic circulation stimulation. The pressure system and the digitalized control of the machinery allow to carry out purifying treatments painless and in maximum safety, even with intensive use, to solve complications related to poor circulation, water retention, venous and lymphatic stasis.

Suitable for

Activation of the skin microcirculation for tissue firming and circumference reduction.

Activation of the arteriovenous microcirculation for an improvement of lymphatic drainage.

Why choose

Softpress Plus

The advantage of a synergistic or targeted treatment

The SOFTPRESS PLUS has a pressure system capable of acting on 7 sectors in a targeted or synergistic way. In addition, the digitalized pressure control allows you to act effectively on the lymphatic and blood flow, promoting the elimination of accumulations of water retention.

Body treatments

Pathways to improve venous and lymphatic stasis, increase skin elasticity and lymphatic drainage treatments for the attenuation of localized adipose accumulations.

Professionalism and efficiency with

Softpress Plus

A machine equipped with 12 treatment programs, 7 sectors, digitalized control and ergonomic handpieces designed to stimulate lymphatic circulation.


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