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Oxygenate and tone up with

Revo 2

The purifying action of oxygen for skin rejuvenation. With REVO2 you have at your disposal a technology capable of combining the purifying action of oxygen and the innovative La Beautē cosmetic solutions. The REVO2 system allows rapid hydration of the tissues for radiant skin and a fast absorption of facial skin treatments with a soothing effect that does not disturb the tissue, but increases cellular metabolism resulting in a renewal of the skin.

Suitable for

Activation of tissue metabolism for the production of collagen and tissue oxygenation.

Tissue firming for skin rejuvenation and skin blemishes treatment.

Why choose

Revo 2

The advantage of innovative cosmetology combined with the action of oxygen

The REVO2 has an airbrush thanks to which it is possible to administer our cosmetic and oxygen solutions. Nebulization promotes the absorption of the treatment, creating an effect of micro-injections that make the skin more toned and luminous.

Face - body treatments

Paths for skin rejuvenation and the alleviation of skin spots, draining and moisturizing treatment, oxygenating treatment and revitalizing treatment.

Professionalism and Versatility with

Revo 2

A machine to be used for oily skin treatment and dry skin treatment with which to combine oxygen and cosmetological solutions designed for every need and treatment.


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