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Drain and Reduce with

RF Comb

Warmth and cooling for drainage and silhouette shaping.

RF COMB technology combines the penetrating power of radio frequency heat with the firming power of cooling. With RF COMB you can perform a dermal treatment capable of acting on tissue metabolic activity and the pro – collagen effect, activating the lymphatic drainage system and eliminating localized adipose accumulations.

Suitable for

Fat reduction and circumference reduction with cellulite blemishes treatment.

Activation of the arteriovenous microcirculation for an improvement of lymphatic drainage.

Why choose

RF - Comb

The advantage of the combined action of heat and cooling

The RF COMB is a complete machine capable of alternating heating and cooling phases even without the constant presence of the operator. Once the basic intensity of the radio frequency has been set, the machine is able to autonomously control the energy of the heat and the cooling delivered.

Body treatments

Pathways for lymphatic drainage and for the reduction of localized fat, treatments for the stimulation of collagen production and firming of lost skin tone.

Professionalism and efficiency with


A machine equipped with a regulation solenoid valve and 6 patented plates to generate cooling and control the radio frequency heat for excellent heat dissipation and constant and optimal monitoring of the RF COMB treatment phases.

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