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Drain and Tone with

T-Body 24

Impulses that act in depth to shape and strengthen.

With T-BODY 24 you not only have an electrostimulator, but a neural simulator capable of determining muscle contraction in a precise and progressive way.

Electrostimulation activates muscle mass strengthening and elimination of toxins for a draining and toning action.

Suitable for

Improve lymphatic drainage

Activating toning action and reducing action

Why choose

T-Body 24

The advantage of a precise, deep-acting neural simulator

The T-BODY 24 allows you to simulate the impulse received by the muscle to determine its contraction, acting on any band of the body for shaping and toning.

Body treatments

Pathways for strengthening muscle mass with toning action treatments and pathways for the elimination of toxins with a draining action.

Power and Precision with

T-Body 24

A machine that exploits the deep power of the medium frequency current regulated in amplitude, phase and frequency for a toning and lipolytic action capable of eliminating adipose accumulations and firming tissues.

Elettrodi T-Body Laser 82- La Beautè


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