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Epilation and Laser Diode with

Infinity Laser Diodo
400W e 600W

Energy and heat for complete epilation. With Infinity Laser Diode 400W AND 600W you have the innovative laser technology for progressive hair removal treatments capable of acting on every skin phototype. The heat of the ray emitted by the Infinity Laser Diode system passes through the skin and is absorbed by the melanin pigments present in the bulb, reducing its growth capacity.

Suitable for

Regrowth reduction and progressive hair removal.

Why choose

Infinity Laser Diodo

The advantage of a personalized and fast treatment

The 400W AND 600W Infinity Laser Diode system has a sapphire head for uniform light distribution and produces a beam with a wavelength of 808nm which ensures a decrease in the regenerative capacity of the hair.

Face - body treatments

Complete epilation paths on each skin phototype.

Accuracy and Speed ​​with

Infinity Laser Diodo

A device capable of emitting up to 12 pulses per second, halving the times of the hair removal sessions and reducing the growth capacity for progressive hair removal.

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