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Nourish the skin and shape the body thanks to nature and its fruits.

The professional products of the Fruits cosmetic line are natural and, therefore, capable of infusing the skin of the body with all the beneficial properties of fruit, without adding chemical residues for an intense purifying activity.

Suitable for

Nourish and neutralize for an antioxidant effect

Model and firm for an elasticizing effect

Fruits, prodotti per il corpo e viso - La Beautè
Esposizione prodotti brand Fruits - La Beautè

A complete line for

Feeding and Modeling

Firming cream and volumizing breast gel, thermogenic bandage and cryogenic bandage, adiposity cream and cellulite cream.

The Fruits cosmetic line for the body is complete and includes all the natural principles of fruit in its products, to promote nourishment and remodeling of tissues with an elasticizing effect and antioxidant effect.

Soft and velvety texture with colors and scented notes reflect in every aspect the natural goodness of fruit, ready to bring benefit and relaxation to mind and body.

Prodotto Fruits - La Beautè

Fruits line

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The power of nature and all its properties to nourish and shape.


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