Infinity Fibra laser- La Beautè

Epilation and Fiber Laser with

Infinity Laser Fiber 800W

Cutting-edge technology for progressive epilation. With Infinity Laser Fiber 800W you have the latest generation equipment for aesthetic hair removal. In fact, in Infinity Laser Fiber 800W, the multiple diode resides inside the machine and acts thanks to coupled micro lenses that transmit the light generated through an optical fiber.

Suitable for

Regrowth reduction and progressive hair removal.

Why choose

Infinity Laser Fiber

The advantage of a treatment with concentrated power

In the 800W Infinity Laser Fiber system, the fiber optic diode laser has a concentrated emission beam that reaches the hair bulb at its maximum power, for a targeted and effective action.

Face - body treatments

Paths with fiber lasers for lasting hair removal.

Professionalism and efficiency with

Infinity Laser Fiber

An equipment equipped with light handpieces and a constant cooling system between 0 ° / 5 ° which prevents the risk of burns and allows the machinery to work continuously and with greater safety of use.

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