Renew and Relax with


Relax the facial skin and prevent wrinkles thanks to basic active ingredients that stimulate metabolism and promote tissue oxygenation.

Medline Miooxin is the cosmetic line for a specific anti-wrinkle treatment based on muscle relaxant peptides, which promote skin renewal for a relaxed and relaxed skin that does not give way to the signs of aging.

Suitable for

Stimulation of tissue metabolism for tissue oxygenation and collagen production.

Skin hydration and nutrition for skin renewal and anti-wrinkle treatment.

Set completo prodotti Medline Miooxin - La Beautè
Creme Medline Miooxin - La Beautè

A targeted line for

Renew and Relax

Day cream and face night cream, exfoliating and cleansing milk, brightening mask and brightening lotion, muscle relaxant serum and muscle relaxant shock serum.

A cosmetic line for an anti-wrinkle treatment rich in muscle relaxant peptides capable of promoting tissue oxygenation and the production of collagen, for skin renewal of the facial skin.

Prodotto Medline Miooxin - La Beautè


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Active ingredients to renew and relax.


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