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Reduce and Model with

Shock Wave

The painless and non-invasive power of acoustic waves to reshape shapes.

With Onda Shock you have a machine capable of slimming and firming large or specific areas of the body with painless and non-invasive treatments and paths.

The Shock Wave technology acts through tissue staking and irradiation of acoustic waves that break the adipocyte membrane, ensuring the elimination of the orange peel effect

Suitable for

Circumference reduction and orange peel effect.

Tissue firming and skin elasticity improvement.

Activation of tissue metabolism for the production of collagen and tissue oxygenation.

Why choose

Shock Wave

The advantage of a powerful but non-invasive machine

The technology of the shock wave machine allows to radiate powerful acoustic waves that stimulate fibroblasts and vascularization on specific areas of the body in an effective and non-invasive way. With the Onda Shock, in fact, you have full control over the penetration power of the waves to achieve specific results.

Body treatments

Pathways with slimming action to eliminate the orange peel effect and activate tissue metabolism for greater tissue oxygenation, remodeling treatments for circumference reduction and skin firming

Professionalism and Versatility with

Shock Wave

A professional machine capable of accommodating several heads on a single handpiece for reducing and shaping.

Offer specific treatments to your clients with painless and non-invasive effectiveness.

Dettaglio accessorio Ondashock - La Beautè


It guarantees the focus of the power of the shock wave even in places that are usually difficult to reach.

Dettaglio accessorio Ondashock - La Beautè

4 CM

It acts on limited areas to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment and irradiate acoustic waves on specific areas.

Accessorio Ondashock 6 cm - La Beautè

6 CM

It allows you to treat large areas of the body while maintaining the power and precision of the irradiation.


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