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Exfoliate and Elasticize with


Vacuum stimulation and deep skin exfoliation for toned and elastic skin.

With Pristine you have cutting-edge and silent technology to offer facial and body treatments that eliminate dead cells. The Pristine system performs microdermal exfoliation with diamond tips for visible results from the first treatment.

Suitable for

Stimulation of tissue metabolism for the production of collagen and tissue oxygenation.

Tissue firming for skin rejuvenation, skin spots treatment and anti-aging treatment.

Why choose


The advantage of a treatment that adapts to every skin.

Pristine has a vacuum exfoliation and stimulation system that does not irritate the skin and that adapts to any type of skin, for a facial and a body treatment that purifies the epidermis and cleans the pores from the inside, also activating the microcirculation. arterial – venous.

Facial treatments

Dermo-exfoliation paths for skin rejuvenation and the treatment of acne, skin spots and scars.

Body treatments

Pathways to improve microcirculation and to increase skin elasticity with treatments for the reduction of stretch marks and the elimination of dead cells.

Professionalism and efficiency with


A machine that combines exfoliation with diamond tips with vacuum stimulation for relaxing treatments that do not irritate, but purify and stimulate the production of collagen.

The MICRODERMOEXFOLIATION WITH DIAMOND TIPS for which the handpieces are designed, structured with laser-cut diamond tips, offer the advantage of treatments without irritating substances that do not damage sensitive areas.


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