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Form (& amp;) action

Train your mind to take action

Training means putting in place a process where the mind is given shape and modeled in order to have knowledge and awareness.
With our courses you can compare yourself with beauty specialists and specialized cosmetologists to learn
the culture of aesthetics and opening a professional beauty center.

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La Beautē

Constant updating, professionalism and reliability to make a difference

At the base of professionalism there are always the passion and the choice of a dedicated specialist training. Whether it’s for a good start or for the constant desire to innovate, with La Beautē training courses you can acquire all the skills you need on machinery and equipment, products and treatments, beauty center management, wellness center and SPA.

Training to never stop


Knowledge is Awareness

Aesthetic facial treatments and aesthetic body treatments, treatments to rejuvenate the skin and treatments for stretch marks, aesthetic slimming treatments and aesthetic treatments for cellulite.
Study the system of the equipment and the precise use of the handpieces, understand the formulation of the cosmetic lines and the applications of use for the personalized treatment of each skin, learn
to manage every aspect and department of your beauty center, wellness center or SPA.
Knowledge is awareness, all to offer the most requested aesthetic treatments and much more to meet the needs of each client.

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10 reasons to train

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Professional, efficient
and innovative with

La Beautē Courses

Awareness is Safety

To reach the goals and open a professional beauty center.
With our expert Cosmetologists and Beauty Specialists ready to train and inform you with a plan dedicated to constant updating on technologies, treatments and trends in the sector, you can acquire all the conscious knowledge and skills you need.
Awareness is safety, all to open your temple of well-being and offer the best to your customers.

La Beautē is


Installation and testing, maintenance and after-sales assistance.

With our team of technicians we provide assistance in real time, reducing intervention times for timely results.

Service available from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 18:30.

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