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The future of La Beauté training will take as its starting point the current needs of the market and of the customers of beauty centres and SPAs.
La Beauté has developed product lines in a logic of customer-oriented marketing, seeking the true need / requirement to be met in full.

Today,  every beautician within its own beauty centre should have the power selling its products / services with the mother brand La Beauté' products, matching with its specific applications: equipment, instruments, products divided per line.

The new situation requires a new approach to the acquisition of
product's knowledge
La Beauté product specialists focus on the deep range products' skills offering the maximum transfer of knowledge to beauticians into the centres in order to satisfy customers, more and more demanding .

This approach is perfectly logical in a customer-oriented strategy. Every beautician needs to acquire specific expertise in all lines, because each client is different and unique and must be served in the best way.

Innovation, simplicity and customer satisfaction.

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