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Spa Zone

The most effective demonstration of the specific ability to design and produce by hand. Of doing building work to finish with our unique design and installation of products La Beauté.

The certainty of being and the flavor of emotions, harmony and vitality, step by step from the left wrap "charm" and the eternal style of our SPA environments, wetlands that give solievo and help the mind and body to riequilibrasi.

From the Finnish sauna, hot dry place, where to begin to resume its shape, then to access to the turkish bath where hot and humid environments refresh your skin giving you a silky feeling of well-being vital.

Then it will be time to try the vitality of emotional showers, a course that combines hot and cold water spray, perfumed with essences and play of light at the same time relax and invigorate.

Stand in the salt room where you can relax and breathe air saturated with iodine, which gives relief to the respiratory system and operates a key action in the prevention of skin diseases.

You will always find the best solution for your spa, whether you want to offer a Linux environment mainly thermal, or make the effect of absolute beauty and flavor of a full SPA, or give more importance to treatment.

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