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Pedicure - Manicure

Many operators and operators in the field of aesthetics consider manicure and pedicure beauty treatments fundamentals. La Beauté think that the overall care of the body is, therefore offers the best of machinery and tools for manicure and pedicure. Both treatments relax and have many benefits for beauty. The manicure is a cosmetic treatment aimed at improving the health and beauty of your hands and nails. A classic manicure involves shaping the nails with a nail file, a treatment for cuticles and applying nail polish. It is sometimes also performed a hand massage with appropriate creams.

The pedicure is a beauty treatment for the feet and nails. A standard pedicure includes a long foot bath in a tub sanitized. Once the feet have been softened by the water, we proceed with the scrub to remove calloused areas. The nails are then filed and shaped before applying nail polish.
The manicure and pedicure have many benefits, including the improvement in the appearance of the hands and feet and the prevention of ingrown nails or broken.

The treatments which include massages give elasticity to the skin of hands and feet.

Our tools are all targeted to the effectiveness of the processes and treatments to improve the work of the beautician and the ultimate satisfaction of the customer at the beauty center.

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