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  La Beauté is leader in the creation of beauty centres, SPAs and City SPAs. The brand La Beauté is a leading firm in the suppling most innovative lines of products and technologies for beauty care.

"Beauty is an overall project, where beauty is wellness and wellness is beauty"  


La Beauté and its partners live the wellness and the beautyness as a lifestyle. The basics are learned in the family and passed down by generations. Already in the sixties, in fact, the mother of Mr. Lanza, Mrs. Giusy Ficuciello was the owner of an avant-garde beauty center for its time, so much that she also founded a school of cosmetics. In the eighties the generation changed and a great renovation happened. As a result La Beauté was founded, a company specialized in consultancy aimed at creation of beauty centres and SPAs, thanks to the collaboration of great professionals in the world of cosmetics, architecture and communication. As any innovative company, even at La Beauté home, in the air you can breathe smell of change. The future of La Beauté will be Mr. Francesco Lanza, Andrea' s son. Also Mr. Francesco like Mr. Andrea is son of cosmetics and its many shades. He will take the reins of the company bringing a breath of fresh air and innovation.

La Beauté's activities depart from the distribution of its wide range of products and services, which over time has added a plus value that today allows to differentiate itself from other companies thanks to the constant orientation to the concept of global consultancy. That the reason why the company is able to satisfay in an effective and competitive activities focused on the  wellness new dimension. The essence of the key concepts is contained in the two thousand square meters of its futuristic showroom, inaugurated in 2001. The activities of La Beauté begin with a total collaboration into the beauty centres: from the business plan, to the decor for cabins, from spaces architectural design to the selection and training of beauty manager,  with educational programs designed by teachers of proven experience.

Our mission is to create and design our future and that of our Customers / Partners working in the world of cosmetics.
                                                                                                                       "Who choose to work with us is not just a customer, he is a partner with which to manage a path aimed achieving specific goals."

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